Côte Saint-Luc bylaws

The following is a partial list of Côte Saint-Luc bylaws. Click a link below to view the corresponding bylaw text. The partial list below is provided for informational purposes.

For the complete list of by-laws, please consult the Archives Department at City Hall (5801 Cavendish Blvd.). In the case of discrepancies, only the official copy deposited at the Archives Department is applicable.

Nuisance / noise

  • By-law 44   Loitering
  • By-law 107   Chimney, chimes, littering, etc.
  • By-law 2009   Regulating the distribution of printed circulars and advertisement, amending By-law 107
  • By-law 921   Noise
  • By-law 2159   Noise regulations, amending By-Law 921
  • By-law 1039   Cleaning, draining, leveling and fencing of land (replacing By-laws 171 and 243)
  • By-law 1166   Prohibition of undue noise from vehicles
  • By-law 1288   Littering, amendment to By-Law 107, as already amended by By-law 850
  • By-law 1499   Prohibition of illumination outside the boundaries of immoveable property (brightness and visibility of lights)
  • By-law 1535   Prohibition of feeding wild animals, amending By-Law 107, as already amended by By-law 850 and 1288
  • By-law 1697   Curfews for parks and public places
  • By-law 1746   Prohibition of consuming alcohol in parks
  • By-law 1913   Maintenance of streets and sidewalks and public places in the winter
  • By-law 2005   Prohibition of carrying or using weapons in public
  • By-law 2084   Vermin and rodents extermination
  • By-law 2088, article 6-2-3   Consolidated building regulations concerning heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration
  • By-law 2138   Penalties concerning firearms
  • By-law 2158   Regulations concerning permits for street vendors
  • By-law 2374   Concerning the regulation of smoking in the City of Côte Saint-Luc
  • By-law 2374-1 By-law 2374-1 to amend By-law 2374 to regulate smoking in the City of Côte-Saint-Luc in order for said by-law to now apply to electronic cigarettes
  • By-law 2390   Concerning the obligation to obtain a permit for landscape and snow removal contractors


Fire safety


  • By-law 2302   Collection and disposal of waste (garbage, reycling, organics, HHW, e-waste etc.)


  • By-law 2138  Concerning fines and penalties to be applied in the case of an infraction
  • By-law 2145  By-Laws that now affect zone 17 (annexed by the City of Côte Saint-Luc)
  • By-law 2217  Zoning by-law
  • By-law 2393  Code of ethics and good conduct for the employees of the City of Côte Saint-Luc
  • By-law 2496 Code of ethics and good conduct for the elected municipal officers of the City of Côte Saint-Luc

Traffic & public safety

  • By-law 2398   Relating to traffic and public safety
  • By-law 1230   To prohibit crossing of vehicles over sidewalks and parking of same beyond the curb line
  • By-law 1456*   Concerning the imposition and payment of fines for traffic offenses (* later amended by By-law 1640)
  • By-law 1640   With regard to the imposition and payment of fines for traffic offenses
  • By-law 1606   To convert all speed limits and measurements therein mentioned from the English system into the metric system
  • By-law 1695*   The designation of authorized persons who can enforce parking regulations and the towing of cars for snow removal purposes (* later amended by By-law 2012, 2116, 2130)
  • By-law 1853*   Requiring all emergency lanes around commercial, industrial and apartment buildings of 3 storey and higher be kept free of obstruction at all times, and to authorize the police to take steps to enforce said requirement (* later amended by By-law 2012, 2116, 2130)
  • By-law 2130   Replacing the schedule of fines enacted in By-laws 1695, 1853, 2012, 2116
  • By-law 2258    Idling
  • By-law 1742   Concerning medians dividers of lane or roadway
  • By-law 1798   To regulate the parking in areas reserved for handicapped persons
  • By-law 1900   To authorize the manual operation of traffic light signals by an authorized person
  • By-law 2142   Increasing the fines for illegally parking in an area designated for handicapped persons
  • By-law 2183   To prohibit the parking of trailer trucks throughout the city

Bicycling and in-line skating

  • By-law 2103   To render the wearing of bicycles helmets obligatory
  • By-law 2160   To apply the provisions of By-Law 2103 to in-line skaters or roller bladers