To the curb and back

Starting February 2, 2015


To the curb and back


Type of waste Place at the curb starting  Collection starts


10 pm on Sunday Monday at 8 am


10 pm on Monday Tuesday at 7 am

Bulky waste


Noon on Tuesday Wednesday at 8 am

Garbage (in tightly closed bin)

10 pm on Wednesday Thursday at 8 am

Garbage (in bags)

5 am on Thursday Thursday at 8 am


Receptacles must be placed at the edge of your driveway, not on the street or sidewalk, with the wheels facing your home and the logo facing the street. All material must be placed inside the receptacle (not beside), and the lid must be properly closed.

For garbage, the maximum allowed at a time is:

  • Three (3) bags, with a limit of 25 kilograms each,
  • or, One (1) 100-liter receptacle, with a limit of 25 kilograms,
  • or, One (1) 360-liter receptacle on wheels, with a limit of 135 kilograms.

NOTE: Please don't use bins like the one in the photo below because it greater than 100 litres and too heavy to be picked up by hand by crews. This model is not equipped to be lifted by the lever at the back of the truck.

Don't use this trash bin


For bulky waste (mattresses, appliances, furniture, etc.) a maximum of three (3) items may be put out at one time.

All receptacles must be taken in no later than midnight on the day of collection. They can be left outside your home, but not more than 3 feet (1 meter) from the building.





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