Côte Saint-Luc encourages residents to donate funds towards a mobile shelter for its sister city of Ashkelon

In 1975, Côte Saint-Luc became the sister city of Ashkelon, the southernmost city of Israel on the Mediterranean shoreline with a population of 110,000. Since hostilities began in early July, Ashkelon has been hit by more than 500 rockets. It is largest city within 20 km of the Gaza border.

“Many residents have approached the City Council to ask what can be done to help the people of our twin city,” Mayor Anthony Housefather said. “After discussions with Federation CJA, we believe a donation by our residents for a shelter is a concrete and visible way to help the people of Ashkelon and to let them know that the people of Côte Saint-Luc are thinking about them.”

Contributions designated to the mobile shelter can be made via the Israel Relief Fund of Federation CJA at www.federationcja.org/ashkelon or by calling 514-345-2600. Local officials in Ashkelon have identified an area next to the Ashkelon science school as the eventual location of the mobile shelter. The mobile shelter costs $20,000. 

To designate your donation for the Ashkelon mobile shelter, please include “IRF 2014 / Ashkelon” on the memo area of the front of the cheque. If donating by phone, please mention “IRF 2014 / Ashkelon” to the agent. If donating online, use the following address: www.federationcja.org/ashkelon.


The history of Côte Saint-Luc and Ashkelon

The City of Cote Saint-Luc and Ashkelon have been twin cities since 1975 when Mayor Samuel Moskovitch traveled to Ashkelon for a twinning ceremony. Since that time, Côte Saint-Luc has welcomed many delegations from Ashkelon. The green space behind the Côte Saint-Luc library was officially named Ashkelon Gardens, in honour of our sister city, on April 22, 1988.


For more information, contact Councillor Dida Berku at dberku@cotesaintluc.org or 514-485-6945.

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