Province-wide strike and potential effects on Côte Saint-Luc

As many of you are aware the Quebec government has proposed Bill 3 to reform municipal pension plans. The labour unions across Quebec have opposed this bill and urged their members to take part in a one-day strike on Wednesday, November 26, 2014. 

Different unions across different cities are participating in this strike and in Côte Saint-Luc our blue collar union is participating. Côte Saint-Luc management employees and those employees belonging to our professional and white collar unions will be at work as usual that day.

All Côte Saint-Luc municipal buildings will remain open and most programs will continue, except for minor hockey programs and ice rentals at the arena, which have been rescheduled or cancelled. In addition, the Public Works Yard will be closed and there will be no Bulky Waste Wednesday collection. In the event unforeseen events require us to cancel other programs or close facilities we will post all updates on our website. Please visit for announcements.

We hope that public employees engaging in any strike action will conduct themselves in a respectful manner in full compliance with the law. Should this not be the case the City of Côte Saint-Luc will take all measures necessary to ensure that our services continue as normally and safely as possible so that our residents see as little disruption as possible. We also note that residents may expect to see blue collar union members from Côte Saint-Luc or other cities in front of our buildings. We encourage residents not to interact with the protesters and to simply walk into buildings as you normally would. If alternative accesses are available to the main doors we encourage you to use them. 

While we have every intention of maintaining business as usual you will understand that as this is a province-wide strike related to a provincial law and some things may arise which may be out of the control of the city.

Thank you for your understanding.



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