Driveway widening and access ramps: key dates in 2015

In order for the City of Côte Saint-Luc to provide a sidewalk access ramp in 2015 to residents widening their driveways, residents must request a driveway alteration permit by Friday, July 31 and pick it by Friday, August 7.

Residents can still apply for a permit after this deadline, however the city will not be able to provide the sidewalk access ramp until the next year.

When a private driveway is widened, the city must widen its sidewalk access ramp, too. While the cost is borne by the resident, the city pays its own contractor to do the work. The city needs to know exactly how many stretches of sidewalk need to be modified so it can determine the cost and schedule the work.

The maximum allowable width of a driveway is 6.4 metres or 21 feet. In the case of irregularly-shaped lots (trapeze-like), the maximum width of the driveway between the city sidewalk and the property line is 4.27 metres or 14 feet.

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