Storm update: March 17, 2017

The nearly 40cm of snow that fell over our area this week was a near record. The last time we reached more than 40cm was in 2012, when a storm dropped 43.2cm of snow on us. So, while we need to be ready for heavy snow falls, a 40cm storm is a challenge, even for a city as prepared as Côte Saint-Luc.

Over the next few days, we will be clearing the streets and sidewalks of snow, as fast as we are able to. We know that it may not be as fast as you have grown accustomed to. But please keep in mind that this was an exceptional snowfall.

We received a number of comments about sidewalks that haven’t been cleared. In some cases one side of the street’s sidewalk was cleared early in the day, but got snowed over again. On other streets we haven’t been able to get to them yet. We apologize for this. We promise our workers and contractors are working as fast possible with 8 teams -- 3 contractor teams and 5 Côte Saint-Luc in-house teams. 

Traffic delays
We also received comments about the amount of time it took to exit Côte Saint-Luc on Thursday morning (March 16). In some cases, this was due to snow in front of people’s homes. In one case, a traffic light at Guelph/Westminster malfunctioned due to severe weather conditions and kept Westminster traffic stuck on red until Public Safety crews arrived to wave traffic through and finally fixed by our electricians .

The major cause of the slowdown across Côte Saint-Luc were the reduced lanes in neighbouring towns and boroughs, which had a cascading effect on motorists here. It’s important to know that a dump of 40cm drastically reduces the lane widths, sometimes as much as half.

For instance, while our three southbound lanes on Cavendish Blvd. were clear, only one southbound lane on Cavendish Blvd. was available in NDG. These major slowdowns caused traffic to back up all the way to Fleet, Cavendish, and even onto Kildare and Mackle.

Every storm teaches us ways we can improve. This one will too. We’re grateful for the positive and understanding comments from residents. 

It has been a tough two days. We understand how important snow clearing is and how it affects your commute to work, getting to medical appointments, or dropping the kids off at school. We are working as fast and possible to get things back to normal.


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