Côte Saint-Luc names Stephane Kallos as Director of the city's volunteer Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

COTE SAINT-LUC, March 22, 2006 - Côte Saint-Luc Mayor Anthony Housefather and Councillor Glenn J. Nashen (Public Safety) are pleased to announce the appointment of Stephane Kallos as Director of the city's Volunteer Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Mr. Kallos has been a volunteer officer with EMS for several years with substantial emergency pre-hospital care experience. He has spent the last eight years as an instructor in pre-hospital trauma life support educating civilian and military trauma care instructors across Canada. In addition, he has trained first-responders in the corporate and industrial sectors as well as firefighters and others in remote villages in Northern Quebec.

Mayor Housefather congratulated Mr. Kallos on accepting this new position. "Stéphane brings years of important skills and experience to EMS," said Mayor Housefather. "He will be collaborating closely with our new council, in particular with Councillor Nashen to reinvigorate the volunteer organization." "The long-term continuity of our volunteer EMS first-responders answering the most critical emergencies is priority 1," Nashen said, referring to the city's three-year window of opportunity to have priority 1 emergency medical calls remain a CSL responsibility rather than being handed over to the fire department. "Stéphane will assist the council in safeguarding all levels of EMS," Nashen said.

Nashen also indicated that Kallos will help re-launch a CPR Training Program and set up a new Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program and prepare a new set of volunteers ready to assist in disaster. Kallos holds eight EMS-related teaching certifications. Kallos will also oversee CSL's Emergency Dispatch & Communications Centre.
"Our volunteer EMS is an extraordinary organization that has grown with the community since the mid 60s," said Nashen, who has chaired the Emergency Services Committee since 1990. "Our volunteers are highly skilled and tremendously dedicated. Stéphane will help bring them to a new level of professional excellence," added Nashen.
Housefather also commended Councillor Nashen for stepping in as Interim Director of EMS since the resignation of the previous director.

Côte Saint-Luc's unique volunteer Emergency Medical Services began in the mid 60s under the Emergency Measures Organization banner. Originally formed as a civil protection volunteer corps the group formed a First Responder service in the late 70s and began responding to medical emergencies along with private and police ambulances and the CSL fire department. Since 1982, CSL EMS has been a partner with Urgences Santé in responding to all medical emergencies in the City. As well, they will come to the scene of road accidents, fires and other emergencies and work in partnership with other responders. CSL EMS is the only municipal volunteer First Responder service in the Montreal region.

Residents can inquire about joining or supporting EMS by calling the director at 485-6952. For emergency calls, residents should always dial 9-1-1.

About the Emergency Services Committee
The Cote Saint-Luc Emergency Services Committee was established by Council in 1990 and serves as an oversight body providing community vision for local services including Public Security, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Communications & Dispatch and local policing, Fire Prevention and Disaster Preparedness.  

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