Côte Saint-Luc has adopted a new by-law

CÔTE SAINT-LUC, MAY 8, 2006 - In an effort to preserve the character of its neighbourhoods , the City of Côte Saint-Luc has adopted a new by-law governing the total or substantial demolition of immovables.

No such demolition can occur before a certificate of authorization is issued by city council. All such certificate requests must be submitted by the owner of the building to be demolished, or by his/her duly authorized representative to the city's Urban Planning Department. A preliminary program must be presented, which includes without limitation designs, plans and /or other documents necessary to establish the conformity of the said program with all applicable by-laws.

In the case of a demolition request for a substantial part of a building, plans and appropriate calculations must be submitted in order to determine the percentage of the exterior wall area and the roof to be demolished, in relation to the total exterior wall area and the total roof area of the said building.. The measures to be taken for the relocation of tenants or the date the building was vacated, if necessary. The reasons justifying the request, a preliminary program for reutilization of the demolished area and the work schedule of the demolition and reconstruction work (if necessary) must also be stated.

Once a demolition request is formally received by the Urban Planning Department, it will be forwarded to the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) chaired by Councillor Allan J. Levine, which will subsequently make a recommendation to city council. The PAC will consider the state of the building mentioned in the request, the deterioration of the architectural appearance, aesthetic character or quality of life of the neighbouring area, the cost of restoration, the projected use of the area to be demolished and when the building includes one or more apartments, the prejudice caused to the tenants.

A sign that is easily visible for passers-by must be affixed to the building in question, once council has received a certificate of authorization for demolition request and the PACs recommendation. Where the building includes one or more apartments, the applicant must submit, by registered or certified mail, a notice to each tenant in the building and submit proof thereof to council at least 10 days before the meeting during which the applicant's request will be studied. 

City council will rule on each demolition request in public. The decision will be rendered verbally and followed up within a reasonable delay by a written decision setting out the justification and sent to all interested parties. Council may impose any condition related to the demolition of the building or the reutilization of the demolished area. It can, for a justifiable reason, modify the delay, provided that a request is made before the expiry date of the delay.

In addition to a fine, whomever proceeds with the demolition of a building without a certificate of authorization shall be forced to restore the immovable so demolished to its former condition. If that does not occur, council has the option of carrying out the work itself and recovering the costs from the offender.

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