Côte Saint-Luc names Tanya Abramovitch the new director of the Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library

CÔTE SAINT-LUC, MAY 25, 2006- Mayor Anthony Housefather is pleased to announce the appointment of Tanya Abramovitch as the new director of the Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library.

Abramovitch has been on staff for five years, beginning in 2001 as a reference librarian. A graduate of McGill's Graduate School of Library and Information studies, she worked in McGill's Government Documents Department before becoming a public librarian. She prefers working with the general public, because their interests and habits are more varied than those of students. "I love people, and it means a lot to me to be able to make a difference in their lives," remarks the energetic 30 year old.

"Tanya is an amazing individual," stated Mayor Anthony Housefather. "She has passion, dynamism and drive and has a terrific understanding of the residents of Côte Saint-Luc. We currently have one of the best libraries on the continent and Tanya will be working with her staff and our council to make it even better. I have the utmost confidence in her abilities." Said Councillor Steven Erdelyi, who has the library portfolio:

"Tanya has shown a great deal of enthusiasm and diligence during her years at the Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library. The council and I look forward to working with her as the library approaches its 40th anniversary and continues to grow and improve in the future." Since 2004, Abramovitch has acted as the Public Services Librarian, a senior management position.

Members of the public may also recognize her from the several programs in the library that she animates, including a non-fiction book club and a recent lecture series on non-fiction books. Known to read four books a week (a habit she promotes in her interesting blog), she is passionate about reading, although she wonders if she'll have as much time to feed her addiction. On top of being Côte Saint-Luc's new director of library services she's also the president of the Public Libraries Division of the Quebec Library Association.

Abramovitch is thrilled to be taking the reigns at such a critical time in the history of the Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library. With major renovations, the 40th anniversary celebrations, and now, a new directorship, she promises residents that their library will better than ever before. "We want to be leaders," she says, "not only in the library world, but in the community as well. We want to get CSLers as excited as we are about what we're doing and what we will do, which is nothing short of great."

GOALS Abramovitch has already developed an ambitious set of objectives which will work on over the next three years. She states that the life of the library has gone through three distinct periods: the CSL Shopping Centre Era (1966-1986), the New Building Era (1986-2001), and the Merger Era (2002-2005). "This year marks a new epoch, also characterized by a physical alteration but additionally by a vast upgrade in its structure, role, offerings, and leadership.," she says. "Further, since January 2006, new city-wide and Council-driven initiatives have impacted the library in several ways, and will continue to do so in the future."

More specifically, Abramovitch's visions is broken down into different categories: Focusing on the public perspective, Abramovitch says the library should not just aspire to stay relevant to the lives of CSL residents. " It must be crucial to their existence - the first place they go to learn, relax, meet friends and discover culture," she says. "Every Côte Saint-Lucer should be an active member of the library. This is far from the case now. If some residents don't know about it, then it must become a priority to inform them. If they can't make it here, then we must go to them and eliminate as many barriers as possible.

"Over the past few years, patrons have felt that the library has declined for a variety of reasons, and it lost some CSL membership. The perception should be not only that they have 'their' library back, but that it has never been better. The library's leadership has to be highly visible and interactive, not just within the community but also in the professional world. The library should have the reputation of employing star performers at all levels who provide outstanding service and who are highly dynamic. It should be constantly improving and be perceived as doing so. Some highlights of Abramovitch's primary goals for her three-year plan include:

  • Establish new Library (physical space, virtual space, organigramme, strategic plan, work-flow systems, marketing plan).
  • Streamline and rationalize all operations.
  • Increase Côte Saint-Luc membership of library to at least 15,000 from 10,000.
  • Increase per capita circulation figures from 16.8 items per head per year to 33.6 items per head per year.
  • Establish Community Outreach and Volunteer Programs.
  • Create multi-level partnerships (local, provincial, national; professional, cultural, sociological).
  • Establish Teen and Family services, spaces, and programs.
  • Obtain grants.

As Abramovitch explains, the action plan must be viewed as layers being built upon layers. Once the first one is set up it should continue to function smoothly while more are added.

Abramovitch's immediate goal is for CSL residents to be reassured that the change in leadership is positive for the Library, and that it will benefit them, pretty much immediately.

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