Côte Saint-Luc seeking to be safest city on the Island of Montreal

Cote Saint-Luc Seeking to be Safest City on the Island of Montreal —Introduces Innovative Program to Prevent Crime

CÔTE SAINT-LUC, MAY 29, 2006 - In a bid to enhance community safety and security, the City of Côte Saint-Luc is becoming the first city in the Montreal region to implement the innovative Citizens on Patrol ("COP") program, Mayor Anthony Housefather announced today.
"Côte Saint-Luc's new council has an objective of being known as the safest city on the Island of Montreal. Citizens on Patrol (COP) complement the agglomeration Police Department, Côte Saint-Luc's own Public Security Department and its Emergency Medical Services volunteers.  COP is a volunteer-based program already established in communities throughout Canada and the U.S.  The volunteers contribute to the well-being of the community and help to deter crime," Housefather said.  "They also assist residents and visitors in a meaningful and tangible way."
Councillor Glenn J. Nashen, who is responsible for Public Safety, researched the organization for the last year and has been putting it into motion locally.  "COP will benefit everyone in our community," Nashen said.  "Whether you are out for an evening stroll, playing with your kids in the park, or stuck on the side of the road, our volunteers will be patrolling in marked vehicles to offer a greater sense of security by their presence and to render assistance until the arrival of Police, Public Security or E.M.S."
Patrollers, on foot, bike or in vehicles will notify local agencies with emergency and non-emergency situations as they maintain a positive and respectful presence in the community.  Volunteer patrollers will build a feeling of personal satisfaction knowing they are proactively helping improve safety in the community while they meet and participate with like-minded individuals who share a similar goal.  They will gain a better understanding of crime related issues and increase their knowledge on crime prevention strategies while having fun and getting to know their neighbours, Nashen said.
Qualification for volunteering is minimum 18 years of age, in good health and residing, working or having a vested interest in Côte Saint-Luc.  Volunteers must pass a security check, have good interpersonal and communications skills, possess a positive attitude and be able to work in a team environment, act professionally and participate in training sessions.  Patrollers will also be required to commit to a minimum 4 hours per month.
"Citizens on Patrol will complement our Public Security, Police and Emergency Medical Services and assist by adding extra eyes and ears on the streets of the City, making it safer for all residents," said Côte Saint-Luc EMS Director Stephane Kallos.
"These volunteers will be an ally in the effort to keep our community safe," added Commander Rene Allard of Neighbourhood Police Station 9 located in Côte Saint-Luc.
"We will have a new corps of volunteers to call upon in major emergencies and disasters, and to help with community services and public education," said Councillor Nashen.  "The lessons of the Ice Storm, floods, major snow storms and building evacuations have taught us that preparedness is the key to a well managed community. It is important to be well prepared and to have members throughout the community ready to help."
The COP program is under the command of the Director of Côte Saint-Luc's volunteer EMS, Stephane Kallos and is being coordinated by Nashen and Lt. Jordy Reichson.
The inaugural information session will be held on June 14 at 8:00 p.m. at Cote Saint-Luc City Hall for anyone who might be interested in becoming involved.  
A second public information session is scheduled for June 19 at 6:00 p.m. at Cote Saint-Luc EMS Headquarters, 8100 Cote Saint-Luc Road.  Those interested will be able to fill out application on-site.  Please bring a copy of your driver's permit.   

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