City to unveil highlights of disaster plan on Monday, September 15

The City of Côte Saint-Luc will unveil a summary of its emergency plan to the public on Monday, September 15 at 8pm at City Hall, 5801 Cavendish Blvd.

“We have updated our plan this year and our city council, staff, and volunteers are trained on what to do in case of a disaster or major emergency,” Mayor Anthony Housefather said. “We want to give residents an overview of the plan and explain how it would be used in an emergency.”

Councillor Glenn J. Nashen, the council member responsible for emergency preparedness will also discuss how residents can prepare for the first 72 hours of an emergency.

“Even with the best disaster plan and the best execution of that plan, it may take emergency workers some time to get to you because they have to prioritize who needs the most help,” Councillor Nashen said. “In the event of a major emergency, residents need to be prepared, too, with enough bottled water, canned foods, medication, and anything else you require.”


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