Suburbanites are happy their towns demerged

The following text by Mayor Anthony Housefather appeared in The Gazette on January 31, 2007. 

In June of 2004, The Gazette editorially counselled suburban voters to vote against demerger. Fortunately, most suburban residents didn't take The Gazette's advice and 15 municipalities on the Island of Montreal and four municipalities on the South Shore were reconstituted on Jan. 1, 2006 with their own mayors and councils in charge of local services once again.

While your editorial on Jan. 27 recognized the unfairness of the forced mergers, the arrogance of the mayor of Montreal and the absurdities and injustices of the agglomeration council, you again opined that: "If they had known then what we know now, we believe, many suburbanites would have stifled the impulse to vote themselves out of mega-Montreal."

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