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In accordance with articles 477.5 and 477.6 of the Cities and Towns Act, the city publishes a list of all contracts dated April 1, 2011 and thereafter involving an expenditure of at least $25,000 in the government of Quebec's electronic Tender Notice System.

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A Bidder who has been awarded a contract by the City must wait for a purchase order and a copy of Council's resolution before performing the contract. In the case of a discrepancy between any document including a purchase order, and Council's resolution, Council's resolution is final.


 Title  Number  Deadline  View
Disposal of waste from the City’s street sweepers and from the municipal snow dump C-01-18-22 March 2, 2018 SEAO
Line Painting on Certain City Streets C-03-18 February 23, 2018 SEAO
Energy Efficiency Measures and HVAC Renovation C-13-17-18C Februrary 16, 2018 SEAO
Sanitary and Cleaning Products C-36-17-22 November 24, 2017 SEAO
Purchase of hot and cold asphalt supplies, stones as well as the disposition of waste


November 17, 2017 SEAO
Ford Econoline with Nacelle Dur-A-Lift DT29FP or Equivalent C-30-17 October 18, 2017 SEAO
Water Main Rehabilitation C-06-17C1 October 20, 2017 SEAO
Sewer main rehabilitation C-06-17C2 October 13, 2017 SEAO
Maintenance and Repair of Air Conditioning Humidification, Ventilation, Heating and Control Systems C-19-17-22 September 15, 2017 SEAO
Construction of a dog run in the City of Côte Saint-Luc C-04-17C August 15, 2017 SEAO
Professional Services for the modernization of HVAC and lighting systems in the City Hall and Library C-13-17P July 28, 2017 SEAO
Professional Services for the rehabilitation of Samuel Moskovitch Arena and the construction of an outdoor skating rink (option) C-12-17P July 11. 2017 SEAO
Water main rehabilitation C-06-17C1 July 11, 2017 SEAO
Snow Blower Larue D60 or Equivalent C-25-17 July 4th, 2017 SEAO
Construction of a Dog Run in the City of Cote Saint-Luc C-04-17C June 26, 2017 SEAO
Delegated management of the local waterworks and sewer system of the City of Côte Saint-Luc C-11-17-22 July 7, 2017 SEAO
Rehabilitation of Yitzhak Rabin Park Pond  C-07-17C1  June 5, 2017 SEAO
Rough mower with all-wheel steering, used (2012-2015) and Grounds and turf crossover vehicle, new (2017) C-21-17 June 5, 2017 SEAO
Two (2) Dodge Ram Pick-up trucks, four doors – Models Dodge Ram 1500 ST and 3500 SLT, year 2017 or 2018  C-27-17 June 5, 2017 SEAO
Rehabilitation of the Cavendish underpass C-08-17C June 2, 2017 SEAO
Exterior rehabilitation work of the City Hall C-03-17C June 5, 2017 SEAO
Salt box Gilleta UH300 C-26-17 May 23, 2017 SEAO
Snow blower Larue D60 C-25-17 May 23, 2017 SEAO
Two (2) Ford Police Interceptor Utility C-23-17 May 23, 2017 SEAO
Professional services for water and sewer main rehabilitation C-06-17P April 7, 2017 SEAO
Professional services for the rehabilitation of Cavendish underpass C-08-17P March 27, 2017 SEAO
Professional services for the rehabilitation of Parkhaven outdoor pools and Yitzhak Rabin Park pond C-07-17P March 21, 2017 SEAO
Felling of infected trees for landscaping work at City Hall C-16-17 March 3, 2017 SEAO
Pruning, felling and bracing of trees for the 2017, 2018, 2019, and at the option of the City, for 2020-2021 C-15-17-21 March 3, 2017 SEAO
Replacement of fence, removal of wooden poles and installation of protective nets for the baseball field at Kirwan Park C-05-17 March 3, 2017 SEAO
Sidewalks reconstruction C-02-17 March 3, 2017 SEAO
Line painting C-01-17 March 3, 2017 SEAO
Professional services for water and sewer main rehabilitation (sleeving) C-06-17P February 24, 2017 SEAO
Sale of used trucks S-01-17 February 17, 2017 SEAO
Sanitary & cleaning products C-35-16-20 October 31, 2016 SEAO
Purchase and delivery of chemical products for the pool C-33-16-20 October 13, 2016 SEAO
Purchase of two-stream compartmentalized bins C-32-16 September 29, 2016 SEAO
Purchase and delivery of chemical products for the pool C-29-16-21 July 28, 2016 SEAO
Feasibility Study for the construction of a theater for performing arts C-27-16 August 15, 2016 SEAO
One (1) Sweeper truck, two doors, model Ravo, new (2016 or more recent) C-25-16 June 10, 2016 SEAO
Purchase of one (1) mountable hydraulic/electric salt spreader and chain or rubber belt feed delivery system, reference models Gilletta UH 3000 or Nido B60-36, new (year 2016 or more recent) C-23-16 June 10, 2016 SEAO
One (1) “Flat Nose” Sign Truck, two doors, model Hino 155, new (2016 or more recent) C-22-16 June 10, 2016 SEAO
Resurfaçage de rues - Services d’entrepreneur C-21-16 June 7, 2016 SEAO
Construction of a park on the corner of Kildare and cavendish streets  C-13-16 May 13, 2016 SEAO
One (1) Wheel loader John Deere 624K with one (1) installed detachable blower Larue D60 C-17-16 April 22. 2016 SEAO
Sidewalk reconstruction and/or repairs C-12-16 April 8, 2016 SEAO
Rehabilitation of the Côte Saint-Luc pump station C-09-16 April 8, 2016 SEAO
Road resurfacing - professional services C-11-16-18 March 24, 2016 SEAO
Redevelopment of Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park C-10-16 March 22, 2016 SEAO
Purchase of chairs C-03-16 February 29, 2016 SEAO
Purchase of one to five (1-5) used (years 2000-2014) SW-48 Bombardier (or more recent model) sidewalk snow plows C-07-16 February 29, 2016 SEAO
Replacement of a section of fence and installation of a protective netting for the baseball field no. 1 at Kirwan Park C-08-16 February 26, 2016 SEAO
Line painting of certain City streets C-04-16 February 26, 2016 SEAO
Rehabilitation work on the building envelope of Côte Saint-Luc Eleanor London Library C-02-16 February 17, 2016 SEAO
Purchase of one all-new mountable hydraulic/electric salt spreader and chain feed delivery system, including delivery C-48-15 October 19, 2015 SEAO
Professional Services for the rehabilitation of the Côte Saint-Luc pump station C-45-15 October 9, 2015 SEAO
Rehabilitation of the Westminster Underpass C-40-15 October 6, 2015 SEAO
Purchase of one (1) telescopic aerial lift and box, installed onto a six (6) wheel truck, all-new, year 2015 or more recent C-43-15 September 2, 2015 SEAO
Purchase of one new (2015 or more recent) tracked sidewalk cleaner with equipment C-36-15   August 21, 2015  SEAO
Professional services of a firm specialising in landscape architecture for the redevelopment of Pierre Elliot Trudeau Park C-33-15 June 5, 2015 SEAO
Renovation & Purchase of Sound & Lighting Equipment for Greenspon Auditorium C-30-15 May 4, 2015 SEAO
Two (2) new units (2015 or more recent) of a mini wheel loader, 4WD, Model Wacker Neuson WL 32, or equivalent, with hydraulic salt spreader - 48”-Width C-31-15 May 4, 2015 SEAO
Purchase of a new robotic mowing arm, Model McConnel PA4330 with an optional McConnel SD cutter bar, or equivalents (all to fit the Wacker Neuson WL 30) C-28-15   May 4, 2015  SEAO
Sidewalk reconstruction and/or repair  C-27-15 April 24, 2015 SEAO
Disposal of street sweeper waste C-26-15 March 30, 2015 SEAO
Contractor Services - Renovation of CSL's Library Washroom C-04-15 March 30, 2015 SEAO
Professional Services - Westminster Underpass C-25-15 March 31, 2015 SEAO
Professional Services - MAMOT TECQ Study C-24-15 April 10, 2015 SEAO
Purchase of one Backhoe Loader C-19-15 March 30, 2015 SEAO
One new robotic mowing arm C-18-15 March 12, 2015 SEAO
Five used sidewalk cleaners C-16-15 April 20, 2015 SEAO
One wheel loader and a detachable blower C-15-15 March 20, 2015 SEAO
Three 6 wheeler dump trucks C-07-15 February 25, 2015 SEAO
Water tank (15,000L) with a watering arm C-05-15 February 20, 2015 SEAO
Line painting 2015 C-02-15 February 20, 2015 SEAO
 10 Wheel Truck – Garbage (64 000lbs) C-01-12  February 10, 2012 SEAO
 Sidewalks reconstruction C-08-12 March 21, 2012 SEAO
 Road resurfacing C-15-12  May 24, 2012 SEAO
 Water Main Sleeving on 8 streets C-19-12  June 4, 2012 SEAO
Delegated management of the local waterworks and sewer system of the City Of Côte Saint-Luc  C-20-12 August 24, 2012 SEAO
Scarification of 2 sections of MacDonald Ave.  C-21-12 August 27, 2012 SEAO
Road Salt in Bulk  C-25-12  August 29, 2012  SEAO 
5-year lease of fleet of printers and multi-function equipment including accessories, maintenance, repairs, labor, supplies and materials C-13-12 October 31, 2012 SEAO
Cleaning and janitorial services for certain of the municipal buildings of the City for the period of January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015, with two (2) options of one ‐year each at the discretion of the City C-12-12 November 30, 2012 SEAO
Sidewalks reconstruction C-02-13 March 19, 2013 SEAO
Supply and installation of water meters and their accessories, and instruments for distance reading C-07-13 March 26, 2013 SEAO
Sidewalks reconstruction C-08-13 April 15, 2013 SEAO
Rehabilitation work on the building envelope (Phase A) and the replacement of the cooling tower, in respect of the administration building comprising the Bernard Lang Côte Saint-Luc City Hall/Eleanor London Library C-09-13 July 15, 2013 SEAO
Water main corrosion study C-13-13 July 26, 2013 SEAO
Road resurfacing - Works C-14-13 July 26, 2013 SEAO
Water main sleeving - Contractor  C-15-13 July 22, 2013 SEAO
Sale of vacant land situated on Marc Chagall Avenue and Kildare Road S-1-13 November 15, 2013 SEAO
Snow removal - main & secondary streets and tertiary sector C-19-13 September 9, 2013 SEAO
Renovation of Schwartz and Shuster Parks - Contractor services C-20-13 September 25, 2013 SEAO
Rental of snow removal equipment with operators to support the City’s snow removal and de-icing operations C-21-13 September 30, 2013 SEAO
Line Painting of certain City streets 2014 C-01-14  February 11, 2014 SEAO
Drainage of the City’s Public Works Yard – Contractor Services C-03-14 February 28, 2014 SEAO
Sidewalk reconstruction and/or repair  C-06-14 March 7, 2014 SEAO
Grassing of vacant lots C-07-14 March 20, 2014


Contract for the Purchase of an Electric Ice Resurfacer

C-13-14 May 5, 2014


Resurfacing of Armstrong, Edgemore and Wolseley and City Hall Parking Lot, Contractor Services

C-17-14 July 11, 2014


Cleaning and janitorial services for certain of its municipal buildings for the period of September 1st, 2014 to December 31, 2016, with two (2) options of one-year, 2017 and 2018, each at the discretion of the City

C-18-14  July 14, 2014


Contractor Services for the acquisition and installation of an outside, permanent back-up generator for the Aquatic and Community Centre (ACC)

C-24-14 August 22, 2014


Redevelopment of Arthur Zygielbaum and Allan J. Levine parks

C-27-14   August 29, 2014  SEAO

Repair of the City’s Public Works Garage/ Administrative Building Roof in the City of Cote Saint-Luc – Contractor Services

C-29-14 September 18, 2014 SEAO

Public Works - Collection of Waste, Bulky Waste and Organic Materials

C-26-14 October 20, 2014 SEAO

Contractor Services for the purchase and installation of two (2) new boilers and the conversion of the heating system from oil to gas, for the building located at 7500 Chemin Mackle.

C-25-14 October 14, 2014 SEAO

Hosted Telephone Service for a period of 5 years.

C-35-14 December 16, 2014




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